Chase Buchanan's Portfolio



Team 1717's Robot for the 2013 FRC competition

Robotics drew me to engineering at an early age, and now I am happy to say I've been part of many exciting robotics projects.


My greatest strength as an engineer is creative problem solving and iterative design. Utilizing these strengths, prototyping has become a passion.

Fabrication and Assembly

Design is nothing without fabrication and assembly. I enjoy each step required to make something new.

Design Documentation and Control

A good design needs good book keeping.

Working with Students

Teaching students requires clear communication, patience, and a strong understanding of the topic.


Biking is a big part of my life. I enjoy riding, building, maintaining, and talking about bikes. 

About Me

Personal Life

On June 24th, 2017, after a 7 year courtship, I married the lovely Bertie Magit. Shortly after the wedding we moved from California to Massachusetts for Bertie to attend Boston College Law School. We happily live in our little apartment with two kitties, Damien and Piggy.


I've been a cyclist since 2008 and have ridden everything from bmx to road to mountain bikes. At my peak I had 7 bikes, but have down sized due to apartment living. I miss my garage.

Besides biking, I like playing games with friends, and have built myself a mountain of personal projects.