My Life with Bikes

The way I see it, as a Mechanical Engineering I was destined to like bikes. Like most kids I rode bikes with my friends growing up but it wasn’t until I was 17 years old that a got obsessed. I started off riding fix gear bikes because it was easy to replace parts and do maintenance since they didn’t have brakes or gears. My friends and I were constantly taking a part our bikes, spray painting them a different color and putting them back together. It quickly became the only thing we did. If we weren’t riding, we would be watch bike movies or planning out the next parts we wanted to buy. I began building up bike where every part was hand-picked and put together by myself.     

As bike people do, I began branching out into different kinds of cycling. I built a BMX bike to do tricks and a road bike for longer rides. At my peak I own 7 different bikes including a tandem and an old sting-ray. Since then I’ve moved into 2nd floor apartments with my wife and have dramatically down sized. The most recent bike I built up was a rigid mountain for riding off roads. I’ve done every bit of repair from lancing up my own wheels to servicing my Chris King drive body. I’ve designed a custom 3D printed chainguard for my bike and build a bike rack for my apartment. If you ever need bike advice or help getting that annoying squeak out, just let me know and I’d be happy to help.