Design and Document Control

Material Index Usage List (MIUL)

One of my responsibilities at Advanced Scientific Concepts was creating and maintaining the Material Index Usage List for a space application project. The MIUL documented every component, material, and process used in our camera and was thoroughly vetted by Lockheed Martin and NASA material scientists. The purpose of the MIUL was to show the materials and processes used in the camera complied with military and space standards. When it was done the MIUL was over 400 lines long and documented everything down to the bearing grease specification used in one of the motors.  

CE Marking

Working at Dental Education Laboratories, I played a large role in the acquiring a CE mark on the Terauchi File Retrieval Kit medical device. The CE mark is required to sell medical devices in European Market, similar the FDA in the United States. My responsibilities included documenting compliance, mechanical testing, and overseeing the implementation of quality management systems for 9 different devices within the kit.